Volunteer Abroad with DIVOG

Volunteer Abroad with DIVOG

Volunteer Abroad Projects With DIVOG


Our volunteer abroad programs provide families, friends, classmates, or individuals with an opportunity to experience Ghana at its most intimate level. You’ll be amazed by the relationships and friendships you can build, whether you stay for two weeks or six months – we’re thrilled to see many of our volunteers who came and volunteer in Ghana return for second or third follow-up DIVOG trips! We offer wonderful opportunities for you to not just visit Ghana, but to contribute your knowledge, skills, and passion to our underdeveloped communities. Volunteering with DIVOG will give you the chance to intimately experience our culture and build life-long friendships in our communities, where your contributions are highly valued and welcomed with open arms.

While we offer volunteer abroad programs for specialists in medicine, IT, engineering, agriculture, and teaching, you don’t need expertise or specialized skills to make a difference. All you need is an adventurous spirit, desire to explore a new culture, and an eagerness to take part in our sustainable development. Your enthusiasm and compassion can be channeled into a life-changing experience at a local orphanage or primary school, where you have the chance to empower underprivileged Ghanaian children. Please browse our various volunteer programs to see what will work for you!

Location & Accomodations

DIVOG operates out of Ho, the capital of Ghana’s Volta Region. Our partner communities are all throughout the Volta Region, miles away from the crowded streets of Accra. We strongly recommend a home-stay while you’re volunteering with us, as past volunteers rave about the benefits of 24/7 immersion. We can arrange for simple, yet comfortable accommodations in the village where you’ll volunteer; nevertheless, we’re happy to customize your experience and arrange hotel accommodations if you’d prefer. There are several affordable hotel options in Ho where past volunteers have stayed.

What Type of Volunteer Are You?

Family looking for a safe, affordable and inspiring volunteer vacation

College Student looking for a meaningful, educational, and exciting way to spend winter, spring, or summer break abroad

Medical Student looking for hands-on experience in a Ghanaian health clinic

Teacher looking to live and teach in a rural Ghanaian community

Summer Volunteer abroad just looking for short summer trip

None of these fit you? No problem! Take a look through our range of volunteer opportunities to find the program that’s right for you!

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Teach Abroad Volunteer Program