Latin America Adhesives And Sealants Market Forecast – Estimated To Record Expansion

The Latin America adhesives and sealants market was projected to have garnered an income worth about USD 164 million and USD 56 million respectively in 2014. It is predicted to collect revenue worth around USD 253 million and USD 84 million respectively by 2020. The market is expected to register about 6.2 percent and 5.7 percent CAGRs correspondingly during the forecast period. This period is anticipated to last till 2020 and begins in 2014.

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Fiscal augmentations and governmental expenses on the creation of infrastructure in the developing regions of Latin America are projected to propel the Latin America adhesives and sealants market. However, instabilities in the costs of raw materials and ecological apprehensions with regard to using synthetic adhesives and sealants could serve as prominent obstacles in the further progress of this market.

Adhesives based on polyvinyl acetate and acrylic made up in excess of 40 percent of the Latin America adhesives and sealants market for building in 2013. These adhesives are widely used in the building industry. Adhesives based on acrylic are projected to be the most swiftly expanding market in the future. The sealants market was leaded by sealants based on acrylic in 2013. Augmented building operations in Argentina and Brazil are estimated to improve the Latin America adhesives and sealants market conditions.

Water proofing systems were the biggest client of the market in 2013. They are also estimated to be the most speedily expanding market. Brazil leaded the Latin America adhesives and sealants market in 2013. It occupied most of the shares that year.

Latin America Adhesives And Sealants Market Forecast

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Lubricants Market Forecast – Fragmented Into Technologies, Products And Regions

Eco-based and synthetic lubricants are the two emerging lubrication products. Eco-based, synthetic and mineral lubricants are used across a various applications. These applications are inclusive of compressor oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, bearing oil lubricants and heat transfer fluids. Some of the significant traits that make a division between various lubricants are water separation features, glueyness quotient, steadiness towards heat and corrosion, and low instability.

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The worldwide lubricants market is fragmented on the basis of three categories. These include technologies, products and geographical regions. On the basis of technologies, the market is divided into compressor oil, turbine oil, gear oil and hydraulic oil lubrications and fire resistant hydraulic fluid. The remaining ones are nuclear resistant lubricants, heat transfer fluid, bearing oil lubrication, nano-materials based lubrication, re-refined base oils and lubricants and other fields.

The products sector of the lubricants market is fragmented into synthetic, mineral and eco-based lubricants. Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and rest of the world are the four geographical regions analyzed and examined under the worldwide lubricants market. This market is anticipated to register about 2 percent CAGR during the forecast phase. This phase lasts till 2020 and begins in 2014. The market is projected to have around 44, 165 kilo tons by 2020.

The lubricants market is mainly propelled by expansion in the market of automotives. Lubricants are materials that decrease resistance between travelling surfaces. The highest share in the worldwide lubricants market is occupied by Asia Pacific. This is owing to huge demand for lubricants from China and India. Quick urbanization in Asia Pacific also adds revenue to the lubricants market in the region.

Lubricants Market Forecast

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Pico Projector Market Forecast – Fragmented Into Four Categories

The pico projector market consists of pico projectors. A pico projector is deemed an addition to the well structured market of client electronics. It is predicted to develop into something foreseeable in digital cameras and mobile phones. This is due to its different advantages. It is responsible for making electronic products and devices more appealing with increasing satisfactoriness of signal applications. The role executed by a pico projector as a facilitating technology needs to be identified and is significant in course of innovations.

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Pico projector market volume share by region, 2013

Quite often, the effectivity and performance of an intricate and huge system can be significantly established by a pico projector inside the system. The shriveling of chipsets by primary participants will lead to more efficiency of pico projectors. Pico projector products are the consequence of various design, exploration and mechanized activities across several manufacturing and technical disciplines. The pico projector market is divided further into technologies, product kinds, regions and applications.

Technologies wise, the market is fragmented into liquid crystal on silicon, digital light processing and laser beam steering. Products wise, it is segmented into media player, embedded, USB and stand-alone. The regional sector of the worldwide pico projector market is fragmented into Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas and rest of the world. The applications sector of the pico projector market is segmented into automotive, aerospace and defense, business and education, healthcare, consumer electronics, retail and industrial.

This market is primarily propelled ahead by the incorporation of pico projectors in I-pads and mobile phones. It is also driven by the sectors of head-up display and wearable electronics. Some issues of well-being with respect to laser pico projectors exist. Also, certain pico projectors have low luminosity. Both these factors prevent the pico projector market from developing further. Also known as handheld projectors, pico projectors are developing fast in the markets and are expected to garner two times as much profits by 2020.

Newer uses and applications are being planned constantly and are something which drive the demand for pico projector market.

Pico Projector Market Forecast

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Membrane Separation Market Growth – Estimated To Grow Over The Projected Phase

Switching from chemical to physical water treatments drives the membrane separation market. This market is estimated to be driven further through the projected phase. It is predicted to increase during the same. The population’s strict abidance with environmental policies of national governments is estimated to affect the membrane separation market.

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Industrial innovations and escalating population around the globe propel the need for improved technologies of water treatment. These components also offer growth prospects to the market and are responsible for pushing it ahead. The membrane separation process is highly popular and used for sanitizing water.

Increased research and development activities and growing implementation of membrane separation procedures are predicted to drive further demand for the membrane separation market. The market is segmented on the basis of applications, products and geographical regions. Membrane separation is used in waste water treatment, manufacturing and medical purposes.

The application segment of waste water and water treatment accounted for more than 35 percent of the entire share in the market in 2013. This segment is anticipated to lead the membrane separation market in the future. The market is segmented on the basis of microfiltration, nano filtration, reverse osmosis and ultra filtration.

Microfiltration leaded the worldwide membrane separation market. It occupied nearly 30 percent of the share in the same year. Reasonably priced membranes are used across different applications and are accountable for improving the conditions of the membrane separation market. Among the four geographical regions the worldwide market has, Europe leaded the scene in 2013.

The continent held more than 35 percent of the income in the worldwide market. Advancements in manufacturing are likely to augment the European market. Asia Pacific is estimated to generate profitable returns owing to the speedy markets of China. The North American membrane separation market is also predicted to progress further. This owes to innovations in techniques and procedures of membrane separation across the globe.

Membrane Separation Market Growth

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Probiotics Market Size – Expected To Record About 6 Percent CAGR In The Near Future

The worldwide probiotics market is driven, primarily by high requirement for probiotic yogurt and increasing consumption of useful food. Augmented consciousness about gut health among people is also anticipated to drive the demand for this market. With gigantic prospects and rising client penchants, the market is predicted to undergo rapid expansion in the coming years.

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Probiotics are a kind of living bacteria that are responsible for maintaining good health in human beings. They are a form of good bacteria that are helpful in maintaining healthy gut. The probiotics market was predicted at nearly USD 23 billion in 2012. It is likely to grow through the projected phase, at about 6 percent CAGR. The said phase continues till 2018 from 2013.

The probiotics market is segmented on the basis of ingredients, geographical regions, applications and products. By ingredients, the market is divided into bacteria and yeasts. On the basis of geographical regions, the market is segmented into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and rest of the world. By applications, the probiotics market is segmented into feed and food.

On the basis of products, the market is fragmented on the basis of dietary complements, functional food and beverages, animal feed and specialty nutrients. However, the probiotics market is still evolving. Imperative research and development activities are being carried out with respect to developing new products for innovative usage on a commercial basis.

Still, there are few doubts that linger in the minds of researchers regarding the advantages of probiotic supplements. This causes a hindrance in the further development of the probiotics market. Less consciousness regarding the usage of probiotics is also likely to act as a hindrance. Asia Pacific leads the probiotics market due to various advancements and investigative procedures executed in the region.

The North American probiotics market is anticipated to expand fast in the near future. This is due to demand for probiotic supplements from the inhabitants of the United States of America.

Probiotics Market Size

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Power Generation Market Growth To 2020: RTPS in India achieves peak power generation

Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS), a major power generating station in India with a total installed capacity of 1720 MW has achieved an all-time power generation record by generating 41.329 million units of electric power in 24 hours.

The power station contributes around 30 per cent of the total power consumed in the state of Karnataka.

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As compared to the maximum generation of 41.28 million unit a day at 100 per cent Plant Load Factor (PLF), Friday’s generation was all-time record at 100.119 percent PLF. It broke its own record of generating 40.094 million units at 97.13 percent PLF on December 29, 2014. On that day, both RTPS and BTPS (Bellary Thermal Power Station) had achieved all-time record in the thermal power generation in the State by together generating 57.06 million units of electric power.

RTPS expressed its delight and stated that all the units functioned perfectly without reporting a single problem on Friday, as result of which RTPS could achieve an all-time record.

As per well-placed sources in the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL), the Central Electrical Authority (CEA) and the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) have set an average annual target of 68 percent and 72 percent PLF respectively, for 2014-15.

KPCL has, however, set its own target at 75 percent PLF. KPCL has set a target for RTPS to generate 10,400 million units of power for the current fiscal year. RTPS has, as on January 16, already generated 8,300 million units.

As per official sources, the power station is receiving 8-9 rakes of coal (each rake contains around 3,200 metric tonnes) everyday from Singareni Coal Mines, Andhra Pradesh, Mahanadi Coalfields in Talcher, Odisha and Western Coalfields in Nagpur, Maharashtra, apart from having a stock of 50,000 metric tonnes at its yard.

Power Generation Market Growth

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Power Generation Market Trends To 2020: Seimens set to supply turbines to Peru for power generation

Siemens has received an order for three SGT6-5000F gas turbines from Peru. The turbines will be used in the project Nodo Energético del Sur – Planta N° 2 Región Moquegua consisting of three simple cycle power plants.

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The customer is the power utility EnerSur, the contractor being Técnicas Reunidas and JJC. The commercial operation date is scheduled for March 2017.

The three new plants will be installed in Ilo, which is a seaport in the Moquegua region, the southern part of Peru. The SGT6-5000F dual fuel gas turbines will be operated with fuel oil for the first five years; afterwards they will be operated on natural gas.

The three simple cycle plants will together have a capacity of 600 MW when fired with fuel oil. With a total of more than 9,000,000 hours of fleet operation this gas turbine achieves peak values for reliability and continuous operation with highest performance values in its class.

While expressing joy over the contract, Siemens said in a statement that the SGT6-5000F gas turbine offers economical power generation for peak, intermediate, or base-load duty. It is an environmentally friendly gas turbine technology with low water injection requirements, and equipped with Shaping Power, a feature that enables higher power output on higher temperature days.

The turbines SGT6-5000F will be manufactured in the Siemens factory in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is the main production facility for Siemens 60 Hz power generation.

Power Generation Market Trends

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Power Generation Market Share To 2020: US nuclear plants in record high power generation

According to latest reports by the Nuclear Energy Institute, U.S. nuclear energy plants generated electricity at a record high level of efficiency in 2014. Despite anti – nuclear slogans that cropped up after the Fukshima nuclear disaster in Japan, the figures demonstrate the value of nuclear energy in terms of reliability and stability of the electric grid and to the nation’s economy.

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One hundred nuclear power plants that operate across 31 states in the US have posted an estimated average capacity factor of 91.9 percent, based on preliminary 2014 data compiled by the Nuclear Energy Institute. That surpasses the industry’s prior record set in 2007 by one-tenth of a percentage point. Capacity factor measures total electricity generated as a percentage of year-round potential generation.

Actual electricity production from nuclear energy facilities last year was the sixth-highest ever, at an estimated 798.4 billion KWH. The industry’s record high electricity generation came in 2010, when the 104 reactors then operating produced 806.9 billion KWH of electricity while posting an industry average capacity factor of 90.9 percent.

The 2014 numbers point toward the importance of well-performing nuclear energy to America’s energy security, the overall economy and the quality of life.

During periods of extreme weather, nuclear energy facilities’ value is even greater. For example, at the height of the arctic blast that chilled the eastern United States on Jan. 8, nuclear power plants met significant portions of the electric demand load in their respective markets at levels well above their installed generating capacity. In the densely populated PJM market encompassing the mid-Atlantic region and large portions of the Midwest, PJM’s nuclear power plants provided about 27 percent of the region’s early afternoon electricity demand, even though they constitute only about 19 percent of the region’s installed electric generating capacity.

U.S. nuclear energy facilities for the past two decades have annually produced about one-fifth of U.S. electricity supplies, even as total electricity demand has increased significantly. Because of their sector-leading capacity factors they have done so even though nuclear power plants constitute only about 10 percent of the nation’s installed electric generating capacity.

Power Generation Market Share

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Power Generation Market Size To 2020: Fire breaks out at one of Asia’s only underground power station in India

Reports have cropped up which suggest that a major fire has broken out at the 120 MW Bhaba hydel project. This power plant is also one of Asia’s few underground power stations in the high altitude mountain ranges. The fire is reporttedly causing an extensive loss to the German-made transformers installed in 1989 in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The project is a state funded venture.

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Reports say that the fire broke at 3.30 am on 23rd Jan morning after a blast. The fire engulfed the entire yard forcing a shutdown of the power generation at the project. Exact cause of the fire is still unknown. However no human loss has been reported due to the fire, officials said even as there are reports about three persons injured.

Chairman-cum-MD of HPSEB Ltd P C Negi told the Indian Express that efforts were underway to control the fire. Assistance has also been sought from the district administration and Jai Prakash Power company, beside mobilising fire extinguishers from different agencies.

Help was also taken from Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam–which owns 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri hydel project on Sutlej river.

Officials claimed that the loss could be over Rs 2 crores but power generation loss at the project could make the things more complicated for the HPSEB Ltd.

Deputy Commissioner Kinnaur D D Sharma said the information about the fire was received at 4 am and immediately teams alongwith equipments were sent. Even Jai Prakash power company was told to extend immediate help.

Teams from Shimla with special fire control equipments were also rushed as the transformers fire could result in substantial damage to the project machinery.

Some years back,the project had also suffered loss to its machinery due to Sutlej water gushing into its under ground power house and resulting in huge loss,beside a forced shut down of the power generation.

The 120MW Bhaba project of the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board was commissioned in 1989-90. It’s first hydro power project in the country to House a fully underground generation plant.

Power Generation Market Size

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Power Generation Market To 2020: Chennai nuclear plant in India resumes power generation

Power generation at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP), which was built with Russian assistance, has restarted after the first unit’s reactor and turbine tripped January 14, said the Power System Operation Corporation Ltd.

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Reportedly, the power generation at the first unit of 1,000 MW KNPP successfully commenced last week.

The atomic power unit touched a peak generation of 658 MW since it was restarted Sunday and the average generation for the day was 168 MW.

India’s atomic power plant operator Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL) is setting up two 1,000 MW Russian reactors at Kudankulam in Tirunelveli district, 650 km from Chennai.

The first unit attained criticality, which is the beginning of the fission process, July 2013.

Subsequently it was connected to the southern grid in October 2013.

However, commercial power generation began only December 31, 2014. Since then the unit was generating an average of 940 MW till it tripped Jan 14.

However, an anti-nuclear power activist and who had filed a case against the setting up of the Rs.17,000 crore KNPP, the atomic power company suffers at least Rs.8 crore loss per day of plant outage.

Ever since the first unit at KNPP started commercial generation December 31, 2014 it has been producing around 940 MW per day or around 2.25 crore units per day.

It has also surfaced that the actual per unit commercial tariff for the first unit is still unclear with different officials giving out different figures, ranging from Rs.3.50 per unit to Rs.4 per unit. This has been driving up losses by about 70 percent.

Though, KNPP’s first unit has started commercial power generation, NPCIL curiously still classifies the unit as under construction in its website and not under the head ‘plants under operation’.

Power Generation Market

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