Insulation Market Forecast – Anticipated To Grow At 8 Percent CAGR In The Future

Insulation substances are non-conducting in nature. They are used to detach something from its nearby environment and maintain its state. The worldwide insulation market is fragmented into three categories. These are applications, products and geographical regions. The applications sector is divided further on the basis of residential construction, nonresidential construction and industrial, HVAC and OEM.

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Products wise, the insulation market is split on the basis of plastic foam, fiber glass, mineral wool and others. Regional analysis is done on the basis of four geographical regions. These include Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and rest of the world. The insulation market was predicted to have garnered revenue worth about USD 32 billion dollars in 2012. It is estimated to climb at about 8 percent CAGR from 2012 to 2018.

The market is projected to attain around USD 10 billion by the end of the said phase. Demand for the insulation market is propelled by expansion in the building sector. This is in relation to emergent nations in Asia Pacific. Augmentation in the market of re insulation in urbanized Europe and the United States is also expected to drive demand for the market.

There is escalating consciousness with regard to diminishing reserves in the world. This, together with urgent demand for energy preservation has propelled the use of insulation substances in offices and residences. Asia Pacific was the largest client of the insulation market in 2011. It made up for around forty percent of the worldwide demand that year.

The North American insulation market is anticipated to expand decently through the forecast phase.

Insulation Market Forecast

Information Source: Radiant Insights