Miami Beach police chief calls for ban on officers being tazed

Miami Beach Police officers were previously mandated to be tazered as part of their training, however one South Florida Police Chief is putting an end to the practice and several city commissioners do not agree with the change.

City of Miami Police and the Broward’s Sheriff’s Office still mandate new officers to be tazered during their training with the gun. However, Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates is changing the policy, stating it was the compassionate action to take.

Citing the practice as unpleasant altogether, he said in a memo that ideally any officer is to be tazed before they can carry a tazer on patrol and called for an abolition.

The memo went out the same day the Miami Beach Commission approved for the department to receive updated Taser guns.

Oates said, when being training on how to properly use the weapon, being a victim of the shock is simply unnecessary.

Others have stated that the mandated procedure is needed for legal matters as a way to prove to a court that the use of a Taser is a non-lethal tactic. However, Oates said, there is enough evidence to prove that the weapons are non-lethal.

The State Attorney’s Office is currently investigating the death of Israel Hernandez, a South Florida teenager who was tazered by a Miami Beach officer.

Chief Oates is leaving the option open for officers who choose to be tazered, to do so, but not everyone agrees with leaving the training procedure optional.

Despite it now being optional, Oates said he suspects his officers will volunteer to be tazered nonetheless.

Source: Radiant Insights