Mouth Ulcers Treatment Market Share – Likely To Grow At CAGR 4 Percent By 2020

Mouth ulcers refer to small lesions or open sores. They grow on the mucous membrane and are quite painful. The mouth ulcers treatment market is likely to witness growth at around four percent by 2020. This is because of the rising occurrence of mouth ulcers and increased awareness regarding the same.

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The pivotal factors propelling the treatment market for ulcers in mouth are ever rising awareness regarding mouth ulcers and growing aged population. However, side effects related to treatment of ulcers in mouth, like stomach ache, constipation, blurred vision and headache are likely to restrain the market over the coming years.

The mouth ulcers treatment market can be fragmented into dosage forms, drug class types, indications and geographies. The dosage forms market includes sprays gels, mouthwash and lozenges. Gels are the most preferred treatment for ulcers in the mouth. Lozenges are experiencing profitable growth on account of their easy availability and low costs.

The mouth ulcers treatment market, on account of drug class types, can be fragmented into antimicrobials, analgesics, antihistamines, corticosteroids and anesthetics. The indications market consists of aphthous stomatitis, oral lichen planus and others.

On the basis of geographies, the mouth ulcers treatment market can be sliced into four key regions, including Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and RoW. North America leads the market. This owes to increasing treatments of mouth ulcers and rising prevalence of the same. Europe and Asia Pacific follow North America.

Asia Pacific is experiencing considerable growth for the mouth ulcers treatment market. This is on account of increasing healthcare spendings and awareness among patients.

Mouth Ulcers Treatment Market Share

Information Source: Grand View Research