Smart TV Market Size To 2020: Rivalry rages on Smart TV at CES 2015

The increasing divide between, Google and Samsung has been evident last year with the launch of Samsung’s own Tizen OS for smartphones and the lingering rumors about Google getting worked up over the increasing customizations in Samsung’s Android based UI – TouchWiz.

However, Google managed to hide its concerns from direct confrontation in public.

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But at the CES 2015 neither tech firms did anything to keep their widening wedge from being evident. At the event, Samsung announced that it plans to put its Tizen OS in all smart TVs that it manufactures in 2015. What is interesting is that Google too announced it latest effort in penetrating the smart TV business by launching Android TV in partnership with 3 firms – Sony, Sharp and TP Vision. The last firm is the former TV division of Phillips which has recently separated itself.

This would effectively mean that Tizen, which was recently launched as a mobile OS against its traditional use of Google Android, will be in direct confrontation with Google in the smart TV business.

Google had earlier tried to make its unsuccessful debut in the smart TV industry with Google TV. In other words Android TV is basically Google smart TV 2.0.

While the partnership between Sony and Google show evidence of strengthening, LG, another Google partner in smartphones has decided to go its own way for smart TV. The firm had earlier acquired WebOS, a TV software built by HP.

Google may be the by far the leading smartphone OS firm with its Android dominating more than 70% of the global market. However, Samsung still owns the crown in smart TV market where its sales account for nearly 25%, while LG is at 15% and same is for Sony, Google’s only credible partner in Android TV.

Smart TV Market Size

Source: Grand View Research