Spirit Airlines to outsource jobs to US vendor CGS

Soon after United Airlines announced the outsourcing of about 2000 jobs to low cost vendors outside of US, Spirit Airlines in South Carolina which is also Myrtle Beach International Airport’s largest carrier, will outsource its ticket counter staffing starting from Match 2015.

The move is not expected to increase ticket prices or change the schedule of flights for Spirit, but will impact the 23 employees it will keep on its payroll through March 25. There has however been indication on transfer of employees to vendor payrolls. This is a possibility considering that the contracted firm is operating within the US. The firm is Delta Global Staffing (DGS) and provides ticket-counter staffing services.

It should also be noted that most of Spirit’s ticket counters across the country are operated through a third-party company and that the firm simply seems to have wanted to bring in the rest, including MYR.

Fort Lauderdale will be the only airport that Spirit will not outsource its customer service because it has about 450 employees and, as per official statement, these efficiencies that come from having that many employees allow Spirit to keep them as Spirit Airlines employees. The statement also said that DGS is open to hiring the airline’s existing employees on its own payroll. This process will certainly help DGS save significant sums in employee training costs.

It was unknown which other carriers, if any, outsource its ticketing operations at Myrtle Beach International Airport. Kirk Lovell, spokesman for the airport, could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon.

The DGS employees will still be wearing Spirit uniforms and representing Spirit Airlines.

The operations will be maintained by Spirit employees who will be the general manager of that station and senior customer service people. The management and the accountability and responsibility for running the station is still with Spirit Airlines, it’s just the people who are doing it are employed by DGS, as per statement by the Spirit.