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Resolving a tax dispute with the IRS is not always a pleasant experience. But with a tax attorney on your side, things can go a lot more smoothly. A professional can help you deal with high-level tax problems like tax liens, penalty abatement, wage garnishment, etc. Here are the reasons you may need a tax attorney.

If you have received an IRS deficiency notice

A deficiency notice is the last letter sent by the IRS to taxpayers in income tax cases. Once a deficiency is sent, you have 90 days to file a petition. If you file a petition in the US tax court, the Internal Revenue Service will not collect any money from you until you get a fair hearing. Once you’re issued with a notice, you have 90 days to file a petition.

You’re being audited

During an audit, the IRS will conduct an interview and ask a couple of questions. The answers you give will determine how the rest of the audit proceeds. When you hire a tax attorney, you can be sure that your rights are protected.

You’re accused of a tax fraud

If you’ve been accused of tax fraud, your assets and livelihood could be on the line. That’s why you should hire a qualified attorney right away. When you work with a professional, all the information you give will remain confidential. You also receive the attorney-client privilege.

Besides the legal guidance, a tax attorney will prepare the documents to help you build a case.

IRS says you owe a sizable tax debt

Sometimes, IRS can make mistakes. It could be a common human error or the systems could make mistakes. If the IRS claims you have outstanding debt, tax attorneys can help you deal with complex tax liabilities. They will apply their tax knowledge to save you from inaccurate tax payments. A tax attorney can also help you file a suit if you disagree with the IRS numbers. Your attorney can also advise you to concede with the letter if the IRS was correct.

You need someone to help you communicate with IRS

Since the IRS practices on matters to do with taxes, you need someone to help you with the complex tax laws. A tax attorney knows how to help you get the lowest possible settlement. He or she can secure an installment if the process requires some negotiation.

That’s not all. Tax attorneys have unique skills so they know how to navigate the procedures of the courtroom. Your success depends on knowing the right arguments to win your case. And because these professionals are trained in the laws of evidence, they know how to prove a relevant fact.